Every year, we come together to celebrate the brightest minds and welcome them into a community of exceptional faculty. Each award honors professors who have devoted significant portions of their lives to research, education, or the common good of the state, nation, and the world.




"The reputation of any university is based on the collective reputation of its faculty, and the University of Arizona has an outstanding reputation because of its extraordinary faculty.”

- Dr. Robert C. Robbins, President



Colorful artwork depicting a saguaro, block A, star, and mountains
Artwork designed by Dwayne Manuel


A medallion depicting a sagurao, block A, star, and mountains engraved in bronze
Artwork designed by Dwayne Manuel


Uniquely Arizona

Every Outstanding Faculty member receives a personalized 3.5” medallion accompanied by an exclusive certificate in commemoration of their award. Learn more about the artist who designed each of these pieces, Dwayne Manuel.


About the Artist


2019-2020 Honorees

Learn more about the University of Arizona visionaries working to change the future of our state, nation, and world. Join us daily as we release videos, photos, and congratulatory notes for each of our honorees. Congratulations, the Wildcat family honors you!

Roberta D. Brinton, Ph.D.

2020 Regents Professor
Professor, Pharmacology
Director of the Center for Innovation in Brain Science

Judith K. Brown, Ph.D.

2020 Regents Professor
Professor, School of Plant Sciences
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Peter Chesson, Ph.D, FAAAS, FESA

2020 Regents Professor
Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
College of Science


Jeff Greenberg, Ph.D.

2020 Regents Professor
Professor, Department of Psychology
College of Science

Alfred S. McEwen, Ph.D.

2019 Regents Professor
Professor, Department of Planetary Sciences
College of Science

Jeff Stone, Ph.D.

2020 Distinguished Professor
Professor, Department of Psychology
College of Science


Marta Civil, Ph.D.

2020 Distinguished Outreach Professor
Professor, Department of Mathematics and
Roy F. Graesser Endowed Chair in Mathematics
College of Science

Ricardo Valerdi, Ph.D.

2020 Distinguished Outreach Professor
Professor, Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering
College of Engineering

Past Recipients

In areas as diverse as astronomy, medicine, optics, entrepreneurship, and dance, our faculty are among the best. Learn more about past University of Arizona awards and honors recipients.


The designation of Regents Professor is an honored position reserved for faculty scholars of exceptional ability who have achieved national and international distinction. The title Regents Professor serves as recognition of the highest academic merit and is awarded to faculty members who have made a unique contribution to the quality of the University through distinguished accomplishments in teaching, scholarship, research or creative work. This is a rare and exceptional appointment.

In recognition of the special significance of the title and the rigor of the selection process, the maximum number of Regents Professors at any one time is three percent of the number of tenured and tenure-track faculty at each university. To be nominated as a Regents Professor, candidates must:

  • Be recognized nationally and internationally as a distinguished scholar whose work is of superior quality according to standards set by leading scholars in the field;
  • Be a successful teacher of exceptional ability. The candidate’s ability and desire to teach, stimulate, inspire and communicate effectively with students should not be limited to an individual’s particular discipline;
  • Demonstrate interests and accomplishments that extend beyond a particular scientific, scholarly or creative speciality and must also demonstrate a willingness to serve beyond the home academic unit.

The University Distinguished Professor Award was created to recognize University of Arizona faculty who have excelled in their efforts in undergraduate education. Those appointed have demonstrated throughout their careers that they have made a difference in student lives through personal commitment, effectively mentored a broad range of undergraduate students, demonstrated in their classroom or discipline one or more of the four forms of scholarship: integration, application, teaching and discovery, and fostered an attitude of critical inquiry, encouraging students to question assumptions, challenge conventional wisdom and to scrutinize evidence carefully.

The University Distinguished Professor Award was initiated by the faculty of the University of Arizona in 1995. Donna E. Swaim, who was coordinator of the Faculty Fellows Program at the time, said, “This award is meant to support the University’s commitment to undergraduate education, and to excellence in mentoring and teaching in a research environment.”

President Robbins fully embraces the practice of honoring faculty who devote significant portions of their lives, professional and personal, to undergraduate education. A joint induction ceremony in the winter honors University Distinguished Professors, University Distinguished Outreach Faculty, and Regents Professors. Members of the Arizona Board of Regents and the presidents of Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University are honored guests at the ceremony.

The University of Arizona Distinguished Outreach Faculty award was created by former University of Arizona President Peter Likins with the purpose of recognizing faculty who have made outstanding contributions to outreach that have benefitted the state of Arizona and the many communities we serve.

The award is intended for faculty members who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to outreach in the following ways: a significant record of conducting outreach policy, practices and implementation at the University of Arizona; a record of creative scholarship; the sustained application of scholarship in non-formal classrooms such as the field, the community, business and industry, health care systems, the courts, schools, the home, or wherever people seek information and assistance to create a better life for themselves and their families; evidence of innovative outreach programs within his/ her discipline, short and long-term impacts and creative delivery methods.

President Robbins fully supports the practice of honoring faculty who have devoted their careers for the common good of the state and the nation. The University Distinguished Outreach Faculty award is the highest honor awarded in this category at the University of Arizona.


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